Monday, July 28, 2008

Camping / Hiking

futab 71/365
The summer is almost over; we took our annual family vacation to the Sierras in June, as scout camp is coming up in August (!) next week...
We were in the mountains for two weeks and had a fun time fishing 7/8 for 2008 70/365
and running around swimming, hiking and lounging...
3 weeks after camping, Devyn, Trebor, Eliel and I (Pryce had to work) went on a 20 mile hike up Baden-Powell Mountain via Little Jimmy Camp, here is a conglomeration of the myriad of switchbacks we hit.
it was the toughest hike I think I have been on, simultaneously running out of water for the first time and it was a hike that was almost as much uphill each way!
Jennifer and the kids are camping for the week before scout camp, so we'll check in then...