Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009

Trebor  got his braces on the 5th.

Pryce, Trebor, Devyn and Jordan were out filming their Rated R version of a war scene (Pryce literally loses his head in the film) on the 14th. It was for Pryce's school class. We left and just made it to Bryan's baptism.

On the 16th We helped Janel move out of her storage unit into her new place. Trebor was there the whole day and was a good sport at spending his free day. Moving in the rain!

20th, the kids were all out at different places,Burger Joint 81/365
so we took Jaden to In-N-Out Burger.

21st, we went to the Oxnard Food Share, then I gave Rich a haircut

23rd went to CEC in TO to celebrate Jaden's B-Day. He turns 7 on Friday, but with scouts, school, and whatever else happened on Thursday there was no time...

24th was the Youth Temple trip. Eliel's first. It was a good turnout.

26th went snowboarding at Snow Valley. Jaden spent most of the time goofing off and then taking a nap in the afternoon. He did go down the slopes twice, and was improving before he had enough.

27th was Blue and Gold / Bridging for Cubs,

and the 28th, we planted a tree up at the Sinaloa building.

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