Saturday, August 29, 2009

March to August 2009

It's been awhile! Jen hasn't posted again, and I'm updating a page for Sharlean, who just left on a Church Mission (click on her name at the top of the page). Heres a brief rundown of whats happening or happened...

Pryce did his Eagle Scout Project in March
Pryce's Eagle Project Pryce's Eagle Project Pryce's Eagle Project

Pryce went to The Prom with Ali Waxman (April)

In April we took a trip up to Matt and Tanyas in Chico....

Then in May went to Malibu Creek State Park, an excellent park, see how happy everyone is?

In June Sharlean turned 21, and then received her mission call to Samara Russia sharlean is 21! sharlean's mission call

At the end of June we went camping, to scout camp, and Pryce graduated an turned 18 in July.

In August we shot a couple of weedings and drove up to Utah to take Sharlean to the MTC...

Salgado Flinders Wedding Ingram Robles Wedding

I'm out of time! more to follow!!

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MaryAnn said...

Nice pictures! I am glad to see an update. Love the wedding photos too!